Building a Blockchain in .NET Core - Proof of Work

NXTBlocks.Blockchain.Demo05 v2019.1
Released on December 20, 2018 (AssemblyVersion: 2019.1.101.21)
Description: NXTBlocks Blockchain Demo #05
Reference: NXT_2019.1.101.21_DEM_05
Version of the .NET Framework: .NET Core 2.1


In my previous article, Building a Basic Blockchain In .NET 4.5, I created a basic blockchain that was used to store transactions. The basic blockchain can be tampered with easily. Even though there was a validation mechanism, by updating a block and re-calculating hashes of all blocks after it, the tampered-with blockchain passed validation. The situation could become worse in the real world because re-calculation can be done in a short period of time with a modern computer. We must come up with a solution to stop attackers from tampering with a blockchain. The solution actually is pretty simple and straightforward. That is Proof of Work.

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